Edmond is a great agent who is very knowledgeable about NYC. He hit the streets hard when I was looking for a new house in Brooklyn. He did an excellent job sourcing places for us to look at and on top of it he is a top notch guy! very professional.

Would recommend anyone to use him!


When I used to be in Boston, the house was expensive and small, so I moved to Rhode Island. I rent a good house now, and I like it! Thank you Lucy for helping me find my favorite house soon. She has a good service and I am very satisfied. I will look for her next time!


Edmond is a very responsible and professional agent. He explains everything to you from the first step to the end.He’s a great person to work with. I highly recommend him to all my friends.


Buying a house is probably one of the most stressful and important experiences people encounter during their lives. It is very important to engage the right person who provides his experienced service that guide you through this purchase. Edmond Lin is the right person for you. He is very professional and responsive , he would be an asset to any individual or family seeking a real estate transaction.


It is my absolute pleasure to have Lucy as my agent. She is super kind, helpful, responsible and patient. For example, personally, I have no clues about any paperworks. She always explains it well to me. What’s more, she is so welcome when I come to ask for help. I high recommend to work with her. She is incredibly awesome.

jlclarice 20

Working with Lucy was great! She was extremely helpful and responsive at all stages of my purchase process, from searching for and finding a home to helping me navigate the complexities of the closing process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in navigating the RI real estate market.


Anna Hsiao is a best real estate professional Realtor. She has ample market experiences, and tons of information that can direct home buyer find the ideal house. She is also dedicate to help people to overcome professional difficulties, such the technical knowledge of house construction, law information, and financial strategy. Her nice communication style and smile makes the work delightful and please.


Lucy is very easy to work with. She responded promptly and tried hard to work with our schedule. I would recommend to other buyers / sellers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts real estate markets.


Lucy is a very professional agent. She is very nice and helpful. She gave me a lot of recommendations. I would recommend her to everyone who wants buying a house.


It has been great working with Anna. She is intelligent, trustworthy, efficient, and straight-forward, especially that her prompt responsiveness gets you answers right away. Electronic paperwork with e-signing is a big plus.


Edmond is an Ultimate professional who puts the needs and wants of his clients first! Pleasure working with him and would highly recommend him to all my potential buyers and sellers. I have been working with many Realtors over the years and I find Edmond is one of the few agents who tell it like it is without making open ended promises! He has shown me many properties that I have high interest in while other Realtors show me properties that waste my time. Definitely my favorite Real Estate Agent.


Anna is a very nice realtor and she is professional in this area. She helped us to find house resources and did introductions with details. No matter how many questions I have, she will patiently answer them. Thank you Anna ~~~


Anna is the best agent I’ve ever seen! She is really trustwothy and very patient to answer all of the questions I have. She helped me to find inspector, and lawyer, gave me good solutions. Will definitely choose her next time!

danni zhang

Anna Hsiao is very professional!Mature, dynamic and honest.Helped me buy the house in Cranston. Introduce a lawyer to me and helped me to check the building quality. She gave me a lot of recommendation and opinion . I'm sure you will enjoy working with her.

Huan He

I enjoyed the time working with Anna. Throughout my journey of real estate searching, Anna has guided me every step of the way- from viewing, deciding, bidding to closing. She has extensive knowledge, various informations, and yearly experience in RI real estate business. You know your case would be in good hands when working with Anna.


Anna is very professional! She gave us 10/10 experience as a first time home buyer. She was able to give us detail analysis and advice, as well as answers all our questions and concerns. She helped us find the house that we wanted and close in 3 months. Definitely recommend!


Anna is a very responsible and helpful agent. She showed us countless condos/apts with amazing patience and asked details for us. I’d refer her to my friends!


Anna did an amazing job guiding us through the home buying process as first-time homebuyers. Her negotiation skills are outstanding as we were able to get our second offer accepted and we also got some seller credits in today’s competitive market. I highly recommend Anna and I would not hesitate to use her as an agent again in the future


We are so glad to use Lucy as our real estate agent when we were looking for our house in Sudbury, MA. The housing market was very competitive when we were looking, so we spent almost 6 months finding our current house. Lucy was always very patient and responsive despite our lengthy house hunting process. The closing process was very effortless and it was very helpful. Lucy handled almost everything (we are new to MA and the house purchase process is very different from CA).

Emma Lin

What a great experience of buying the property. Lucy not only helped with me to buy the house but also helped with closing house within a month , even if I was absent . She is extremely professional and patient. Highly recommend her .


Anna is incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond in every aspect of home sales , she made this experience unforgettable and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a stellar realtor.

Alicia Philippe